Who is CRSBI?

The project is driven forward by experts in their fields who are working hard to complete the CRSBI.  All the fieldwork and administration of the project is completed by volunteers. We have world-experts and experienced professionals on our management committee and our administrative teams, and they all work unpaid to see the CRSBI project completed.  Our fieldworkers are dedicated volunteers who have the knowledge to catalogue, describe and photograph Romanesque sculpture.

Please select from the left-hand menu to see who's who at the CRSBI.  The CRSBI Management and Administration: The Project Board and the CRSBI Admin Team.  The CRSBI Fieldworkers are listed as the Research Team.  The CRSBI Editors are listed as The Editing Team.  Please note: The only paid work is that of our editors who check all the material before it is published on the CRSBI website.