Addergoole (Carrowntowmush)

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Cross head leaning against the W wall of the old graveyard.


The cross is said to have been brought to its current position from a site on the top of a quarried hillock about 100 m W of the churchyard (Harbison, 1992).


Exterior Features


cross head

The crucifix is roughly blocked out and appears to be unfinished. There is the rough outline of a figure on the front, with extended arms and the head leaning to the viewer's left (Christ's right). The 'armpits' between the arms and shaft of the cross are irregularly cusped and stepped, and the top arm of the cross appears to lean to the viewer's left (Christ's right). Of granite.

d. 0.38 m
h. 1.35 m
w. 1.25 m


The date of the cross is uncertain and it appears to be unfinished, although the shape of the head and manner in which the Christ figure has been roughed out is similar in form to the 12thc. market cross at nearby Tuam.


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Site Location
Addergoole (Carrowntowmush)
National Grid Reference
M 45 64 
now: Galway
Type of building/monument
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Tessa Garton