E wall, doorway remains.

Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 1. Doorways: Gatehouse entrance passage (blocked), E doorway" at Ludlow Castle.

by Barbara Zeitler.

In the E wall of the former entrance passage is a doorway, now heavily modified, and its N jamb is formed of a capital carried on an en-delit shaft in sections with a tall roll-hollow base with a roll necking. The capital, unlike others in the passage, is of purplish red sandstone. It is a plain double scallop with keeled angle and a plain chamfered necking. It may not be in its original setting, and as its dimensions match those of the blind arcade capitals (see IV.5.a below) it is reasonable to assume that it was reused from there.


h. of capital with necking c. 0.32 m
h. of capital without necking 0.29 m
max. w., S face 0.29 m
max. w., W face 0.30 m