Font bowl from N

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: Font" at Halse.

by Robin Downes.

The font stands at the W end of the nave, forward of the tower arch, in the middle of the central aisle. It has a tub-shaped bowl decorated with tall, intersecting arcade of round arches carried on 28 fictive shafts, roughly moulded and without capitals or bases. The bowl stands on an attic base and that on a block-shaped socle with chamfered angles that stands on a massive cuboid plinth. The rim is worn, which has compromised the intersecting arches, as has the generous lead lining that covers the rim. Construction is wholly in hamstone or similar, in good condition except for the top of sides of the bowl.


Circumference at rim of bowl 2.20m
Circumference of base (measured un scotia) 2.00m
Exterior diameter of bowl at rim 0.715m
Height of font (excluding plinth) 0.52m
Interior diameter of bowl at rim 0.56m