Font N face showing painting

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: Font" at Havering atte Bower.

by Ron Baxter.

Sited at the W end of the S aisle is a font  with a tapered octagonal Purbeck bowl decorated with 2 plain recessed round-headed bays of arcading on each face. The arches on the N face have traces of paint; probably not original. This is worn now but appears to show tracery designs in red and black. There are holes for staples at the E and W of the rim, and the bowl is very neatly lined with lead that precisely covers the rim without extending onto the sides of the bowl. This font was installed in the old church of St Mary in 1836, after a long period of disuse. It stands on a Decorated style base, of Bath stone, which was added when the font was installed in the present church in 1878.