Vestry, E window, slab N face (Ryder item 5).

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 5. Interior Decoration: c. Miscellaneous: Ex-situ grave-slabs" at Marton-cum-Grafton.

by John McElheran.

A survey of grave-slabs was done by Peter F. Ryder c. 1986, and a copy of his unpublished notes and drawings were sent to the village. These have now passed to the Marton-cum-Grafton History Group. Ryder's notes suggest that there are the remains of three slabs which may be 12thc in date:

1) The first is a broken but complete slab remounted in the W wall of the vestry. This is in Magnesian limestone and may be late 12th or early 13thc. It has a foliated cross and an incised chalice and wafer (Ryder 1986, item 1).

2) The stone in the filling of the tympanum of the nave doorway is 'probably a headstone and perhaps C12' (Ryder 1986, item 3).

3) A piece which might be pre-Conquest or as late as the 12thc. It is reset as a mullion on the S wall of the vestry. It has a cross pattee on one side and a saltire cross on the other (Ryder 1986, item 5).