The mass dial.

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 5. Interior Decoration: c. Miscellaneous: Reset mass dial" at Marton-cum-Grafton.

by Anon.

This item was found by Lunn in the quoin stones of the chancel. He assigns it to the First Pointed period (1180-90), like the piscina, and calls it a sun-dial.

The stone found by Lunn's workmen has been reset in the jamb of the outer doorway of the vestry. Being hidden behind a curtain it was not seen by the fieldworker, nor by Elizabeth Coatsworth. Because of a remark by a previous 19th-c writer, Collingwood thought it might be possibly pre-Conquest, but he does not seem to have seen it either (Coatsworth 2008, 291). A photograph has been supplied by Peter Sutton.

The mass dial is a familiar 12th-c form, and one which probably continued is use for some centuries. The stone seems to have been damaged, and would in use have had the rayed semicircle downwards, not diagonally as now. The fabric appears to be limestone, and thus perhaps might belong to the later rather than the earlier 12th-c phase of the old church.