Pevensey Castle, Sussex

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This ruined medieval castle stands on the site of a Roman fort, and incorporates some Roman fabric. Much of the standing fabric dates from the 12thc. and 13thc., including the keep, the chapel and the gatehouses. The chapel is in the middle of the inner bailey. There is no Romanesque sculpture in situ.


The castle fell into disrepair in the late medieval period, when the port silted up and the fortune of the town declined. The fragments were discovered during the excavations of 1852 by Mark Lower and Roach Smith, at the W end of the castle chapel.





Now lost, the font was discovered in 1852 and later displayed in the castle, this was a much damaged plain tub font with tapering sides. It was found opposite the S door of the chapel, 11'6" from the W end step, and had a 4'10" diam. In 1908 it still stood in the W end of the castle chapel (Walker 1908, 50). It is mentioned in Mee, 1964, 154.

Loose Sculpture


There is mention in SAC 1852 of 'an abacus with Norman ornaments', found in the castle chapel. The location of this abacus, or impost block, is not known.


See: Barbican House Museum, Lewes.



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Pevensey Castle
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pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Sussex
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05 August 1990