St Michael, Warmington, Warwickshire

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The church consists of chancel, nave, N and S aisles, N chapel, W tower and N, S and W doorways. Three bays of the N arcade are mid-12thc. and three bays of the S arcade are late 12thc. Built entirely in local liassic ironstone, probably from Hornton quarries nearby.



Interior Features


S arcade

Of two bays. The arches are plain and ?pointed. The capitals are multi-scallop with necking and with much taller cones that the N aisle. All have hollow-chamfered imposts with a groove along the upright.

Pier 1 (E)

High square plinth with a small chamfer, partially restored. The base is simply a thick roll. The half-round shaft has four courses. Multi-scallop capital with tall, almost vertical cones above fine necking (nine scallops to each face). The impost is chamfered with a groove along the upright.

Pier 2

Similar to Pier 1, apart from the base which has a small roll between the prominent outer roll and the shaft. The shaft is slightly shorter than the respond shaft. The capital is multi-scallop although the cones are not as tall as those of Pier 1. The impost is hollow chamfered.

W respond

Plinth and base as Pier 1 with a half-shaft supporting a multiscallop capital with necking. Hollow chamfered impost as Piers 1 and 2.


N arcade

Of two bays. The arches are plain and pointed, and all have hollow-chamfered imposts with a groove along the upright.

Pier 1 (E)

Square chamfered plinth, chamfered round base, with a round shaft of five courses. Multi-scallop capital (ten on E face, nine on N face, eight on W face, nine on S face) with plain cones and shields and tapered rounded fillets between the cones. No necking. Impost as W respond.



Situated W end of S aisle. The tub-shaped bowl could be 12thc., but it has no distinguishing features or markings and is not mentioned by Pevsner.

depth of bowl 0.30 m
h. of bowl 0.39 m
w. (lower) 0.60 m
w. (upper) 0.71 m


The carving of the capitals of the N arcade closely resembles that of the N arcade at Shotteswell as do the plinths and shafts. It is possible that the two operations were carried out simultaneously. The two churches are 2.5km apart.


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Site Location
National Grid Reference
SP 411 475 
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Warwickshire
now: Warwickshire
medieval: not confirmed
now: Coventry
now: St Michael
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Parish church  
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Harry Bodenham