St Leonard, Glapthorn, Northamptonshire

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St Leonard's has a four-bay clerestoreyed nave, the arcades divided into two two-bay sections by a short stretch of wall. In the N arcade all the arches are pointed and the capitals moulded; in the S the E bays are similar, but the W bays have round arches. Nevertheless both arcades are 13thc., but for two features. The base of N pier 3 is a reused, inverted multi-scallop pier capital (or, as Pevsner suggests, a pair of respond capitals), and chevron voussoirs have been cut down for reuse in the E arches of the S arcade. For the rest, the chancel is 13thc. and there is a low W tower, late 13thc. in its lower parts and Perpendicular above.


Glapthorn is not mentioned in the Domesday Survey. Nothing is known of the manor's ownership until Robert Brudenell acquired it in 1512. It has remained in the possession of his successors.

Benefice of Oundle with Ashton and Benefield with Glapthorn; originally a Chapel of Ease to Cotterstock.


Interior Features



N arcade

Pier 3 base

The base stands on an inverted multi-scallop pier capital in two halves (or, as Pevsner suggests, a pair of respond capitals). There are six scallops per face, the shields are plain and the cones appear to be sheathed, although since the base obscures their inner ends this is not certain.

S arcade

Reused chevron voussoirs in E arches.



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Site Location
National Grid Reference
TL 024 902 
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Northamptonshire
now: Northamptonshire
medieval: Lincoln (Dorchester to 1085)
now: Peterborough
now: St Leonard
Type of building/monument
Chapel of ease  
Report authors
Ron Baxter