Corbels CS1 to CS8.

Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 3. Exterior Decoration: c. Corbel tables, corbels: Corbels on S wall of chancel" at Garton-on-the-Wolds.

by Rita Wood.

S wall of chancel 

Bay 1

CS1:  An old corbel; a grinning mask; a human lion?

CS2:  Possibly a ram’s head; if so, perhaps representing a leader of the flock, that is, an apostle, teacher or priest.

Corbels CS3 to CS8 are restorations.

Bay 2

CS9:  May be original.

CD10 and CS11:  Modern; the latter looks like a copy of an original figurative scene, but the stone has split. Compare NN9.

CS12:  Probably medieval; a man’s face looking disconcerted, one hand to his chin. From the W, an animal’s tail curls up onto the face and the expression is one-sided. Compare NS11.