Stone 5

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: 01. Chevron voussoirs type 1 (5 stones)" at Windsor Castle.

by Ron Baxter.

Chevron arch voussoirs carved with a unit of frontal chevron in three rows: hollow with nailhead, roll, hollow with nailhead. The inner edge has no special treatment, suggesting that the voussoirs are not from the inner order of an arch. All are carved from a very shelly oolitic limestone. Of the five surviving  type 1 chevron voussoirs, three are well-enough preserved to allow an estimate of the size of the arch from which they came. An inner diameter of approximately 1.4m has been estimated, which suggests a doorway, and one elaborate enough to have at least two orders (since the edge treatment of these voussoirs shows that they are not from an inner arch order).