The lower moat wall arched feature, left jamb showing, from the bottom, stones 33 (LM1), 6 (LM2), 8 (LM3) and 10 (LM4)

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: 02. Chevron voussoirs type 2 (2 stones)" at Windsor Castle.

by Ron Baxter.

Voussoirs carved with a roll in the centre of the face, flanked by a unit of frontal chevron on a roll on either side. All voussoirs of this type are incorporated in the arched feature built against the lower moat wall. Their present installation prevents accurate measurement, and it is therefore unclear whether the chevron decoration was on the face or the soffit of an arch, or whether the stones came originally from a jamb rather than an arch. The stones are of a shelly oolitic limestone, possibly from the Windrush valley.