The lower moat wall arched feature, right jamb showing, from the bottom, stones 34 (LM11), 7 (LM10), 9 (LM9) and 11 (LM8)

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: 03. Chevron voussoirs type 3 (2 stones)" at Windsor Castle.

by Ron Baxter.

As type 2 except that they consist only of a roll and a single unit of frontal chevron alongside. There is a slight possibility that they are type 2 voussoirs that have had one of the chevron rolls trimmed off, but both are taller (in their present setting) so they have been treated as a different type here. All voussoirs of this type are incorporated in the arched feature built against the lower moat wall. The stones are of a shelly oolitic limestone, possibly from the Windrush valley.