Font bowl from NE

Image of the feature "V. Furnishings: 1. Fonts: Font" at Tedstone Delamere.

by Ron Baxter.

To the W of the S doorway, alongside the 19thc font in use to its N, stands a chalice-shaped font consisting of a cup-shaped bowl on a stem with a drum base with a fat roll upper rim. This stands on a tufa drum and that on a stone drum. The font is plain and unlined with rim damage at N and S. 


External diameter of bowl 0.64 m
Internal diameter of bowl 0.48 m
Height of bowl 0.39 m
Height of drum base with roll rim 0.17 m
Height of stem 0.15
Height of stone lower drum 0.14 m
Height of tufa drum 0.15 m
Overall height of font 1.03 m