St Andrew, Haconby, Lincolnshire

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A gothic church consisting of nave arcades and W tower of the 13thc. and the rest - spire, N aisle, S aisle, clerestory, chancel and N chapel - ofc.1350-1550. The priest's doorway (S doorway, chancel) may be of c.1200.


Domesday Book records a priest and a church here in the possession of Heppo the Crossbowman in 1086.


Exterior Features


S doorway, chancel (blocked)

Round headed, single order. First order: chamfered, continuous, 'double' jamb. Label has lower chamfer and plain face.

h. of opening 1.75 m
w. of opening 0.85 m


The treatment of the jamb as a two-step chamfer is very unusual. There is consistent weathering throughout the doorway. While it is difficult to say if the doorway is original to this location, it is clear that this wall has been re-worked considering the square-headed window to the left of the doorway and the misaligned bands of ironstone and grey stone to either side of the doorjambs. Note: There seems to be an alternative spelling of the village name as 'Hacconby' (see Pevsner); the spelling of the Ordnance Survey is followed here.


  • Domesday Book: Lincolnshire. 61,1.

  • N. Pevsner, The Buildings of England: Lincolnshire. London 1990, 353.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
TF 107 252 
pre-1974 traditional (England and Wales): Lincolnshire
now: Lincolnshire
medieval: Lincoln (Dorchester to 1085)
now: Lincoln
now: St Andrew
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Parish church  
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Thomas E. Russo