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A small, ruined, two-cell (nave and chancel) church, located on the W shore of Ballymore Lough. The chancel has a narrow, deeply splayed, round-headed E window with an arcuated lintel. There are square recesses in N and S walls of the chancel. Large dressed stones survive on the SE and NE angles, and the lower courses of a W and a S doorway remain. Within the church are a number of fragments, most of which are set in concrete. Two of these bear sculpture


No reference in Gwynne and Hadcock.


Loose Sculpture

(i) Fragment

Rectangular fragment with a volute on the angle below a roll. This appears to have been set upside-down.


d. 0.37
h. 0.18 m
w. 0.19 m

(ii) Fragment

The fragment may be an incomplete capital. It has a roll moulding at the bottom and four leaves with the stems interlaced. The leaves are fluted with scalloped edges. The upper leaves have three lobes, the lower, two lobes.


d. to follow
h. to follow
w. to follow


The interlaced stems and fluted leaves of fragment (ii) bear a general resemblance to the fourth order S capital of the chancel arch at Inishmaine and the exterior second order capital of the slype doorway at Cong Abbey


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  • P. Harbison, Guide to the National and Historical Monuments of Ireland, Dublin, 1992, 249.


Site Location
National Grid Reference
G 28 12 
now: Mayo
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Church (ruin)  
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Hazel Gardiner