Apse, S side, window.

Image of the feature "III. Exterior Features: 2. Windows: Apse S window" at Kilpeck.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed. The exterior has a single continuous order with a fat angle roll and bases with a bulbous roll below a tall hollow. The head of the window is a single large block. The interior is deeply splayed and the interior arch has lateral, centrifugal face chevron of quirked roll section with a cogwheel edge. It is carried on attached angle shafts with bulbous bases and capitals with plain neckings. The left (east) capital is a cushion with an angle tuck, damaged at the upper part of the west face; the right is a cushion with sheathed cone and a double groove around the bottom of the shield. Imposts are quirked hollow chamfered and cut back following the splay of the window reveals.