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Round tower

A tall, well constructed round tower, built principally from local limestone but with some sandstone detailing around the doorway.

Doncaster, Hall Cross

Doncaster, Hall Cross, Yorkshire, West Riding


As seen in August 2012, the ‘cross’ is an eye-catcher at the south end of South Parade; the fake inscription about 10 feet up the ...

Doncaster Museum

Doncaster Museum, Yorkshire, West Riding

Museum and/or Museum store

Of the objects described here, items A, B and D to J were in the store at the Museum; item C was on display in ...

Doncaster, Regent Square Gardens

Doncaster, Regent Square Gardens, Yorkshire, West Riding

Public park

A scallop capital, column and base have  been re-erected in the shrubbery bordering the square. The capital was so large it was made in two pieces. ...


Donyatt, Somerset

Field wall

Donyatt is a string of houses and farms extending for approximately a mile along the A358, alongside the river Isle, 1½ miles SW of Ilminster ...


St Brecan, Doora

Parish church

A small church of irregular oblong plan, 17.8m x 7.26m at the E end narrowing to 6.55m at the W (Westropp 1900a, 443), with a ...


St Peter, Dormington, Herefordshire

Parish church

Dormington is a village in the valley of the River Frome, some 5 miles E of Hereford on the S side of the A 438 ...


St James the Less, Dorney, Buckinghamshire

Parish church

Dorney is a small village in the extreme south of the county, approximately a mile north of the Thames, which forms the border with Berkshire.  ...


St James, Dorrington, Lincolnshire

Parish church

  Church consists of a W tower, a two-bay nave with N and S aisles, and chancel mostly of the 13thc. The upper part of ...


St John the Baptist, Dorton, Buckinghamshire

Parish church

Dorton is a small village in the W of central Buckinghamshire, 8 miles W of Aylesbury.  The church is at the S end of the ...

Dosthill Norman Chapel, Dosthill

Dosthill Norman Chapel, Dosthill, Warwickshire

Parish Room, formerly chapel

Nineteenth century accounts of Dosthill describe it as a village or hamlet in the parish of Kingsbury, and a centre of brickmaking and coalmining. Diorite ...


St Aldhelm, Doulting, Somerset

Parish church

Doulting (named after the British name for the Sheppey river, which rises at St Aldhelm’s well, NW of the church, just beyond the former vicarage) ...


Dover, Kent


Numerous carved stones were excavated at Battle Abbey by Sir Harold Brakspear in the 1930s and John Hare in 1978-80, including 20 fragments of Romanesque ...

Dover Castle

Dover Castle, Kent

English Heritage South-East Region Fragments Store

Numerous carved stones were excavated at Battle Abbey by Sir Harold Brakspear in the 1930s and John Hare in 1978–80, including 20 fragments of Romanesque ...


St Patrick, Downpatrick

Cathedral church

Fragments associated with the original monastic site in Downpatrick, now reset within the late 18th - 19thc. cathedral.

Downton on the Rock

St Giles, Downton on the Rock, Herefordshire

Ruined parish church

Downton on the Rock is a small village on the W bank of the River Teme, on a hilly site in north Herefordshire, 5 miles ...


St Catherine, Draughton, Northamptonshire

Parish church

St Catherine's has an aisled and clerestoreyed nave with 13thc. three-bay arcades. The chancel arch is of the same date, but the chancel is 19thc. ...


St Peter and St Paul, Drax, Yorkshire, West Riding

Parish church

Long before it became known as the location of a famous power station, the village of Drax, located some 6 miles SE of Selby, was ...


St Peter, Drayton, Oxfordshire

Parish church

Drayton is in N Oxfordshire, 2 miles NW of Banbury. The little ironstone church is hidden in a steep valley to the S of the ...


St Catherine, Drayton, Somerset

Parish church

Drayton is in the South Somerset district, 11 miles E of Taunton and 1.6 miles SW of Langport.  It is a good-sized village clustered around ...