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Each year since 2011 the CRSBI has had an annual lecture given by a distinguished scholar on a subject related to Romanesque architecture or sculpture. The annual lectures are hosted by the Courtauld Institute of Art and take place in the Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre, except where noted below..

2011            Mr John McNeill,  Manpower, Ideology and Travel: Twelfth-Century Architectural Sculpture in Northern Spain

2012            Prof. Roger Stalley, The Mason and the Metalworker: Imitation and Status in the Romanesque World

2013            Dr Jennifer Alexander, Santiago de Compostela: new thoughts on the construction of the great pilgrimage church

2014            Prof. Eric Fernie,  Romanesque Sculpture: Contexts and Perceptions from Lincoln and Pavia to Moissac and Saint-Genis-des-Fontaines

2015            Prof. Tessa Garton, Evidence set in stone? Twelfth-century sculptors and workshop practices in northern Palencia, Spain

2016            Prof. Jane Geddes, The Aberdeen Bestiary and Bridlington Priory: a fascination for animal lore?

2017            Prof. Deborah Kahn, North and South of the Loire: The Culture of Copying and the Rebirth of Sculpture

2018            Prof. Malcolm Thurlby, English Romanesque Sculpture in its Architectural Context View online

2019            Dr Ron Baxter, The Surviving Architecture and Sculpture of Reading Abbey. Lecture Theatre 1, Courtauld Institute of Art, Vernon Square. View online


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