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Health and Safety Policy


1.1.The Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture in Britain and Ireland (CRSBI) is a volunteer-based project. Volunteers are asked to carry out campaigns of fieldwork at historic buildings where there may be degrees of risk. Volunteers are likely to travel from home to sites by driving a motorcar, or being driven by a third party. Some CRSBI roles are carried out on a self-employed basis.

1.2.CRSBI cares for the Health and Safety of those who work for it and aims to make Health and Safety an integral element of the culture of the project. To help meet these aims, the Chair and Executive Board of CRSBI have adopted this Health and Safety Policy, which they expect to see adopted by the CRSBI team at all levels. The objective of the Policy is to ensure that those working in the field have as safe an experience as possible by being able to identify and manage risks on site.

1.3.The Health and Safety Guidance Note to Fieldworkers (attached) is a key element of the Policy and requires those working on site assess and manage risks seriously, usually mentally where the risks are low, but through formal documentation where the risks are greater.

2.The Health and Safety Policy for CRSBI

2.1.The CRSBI Health and Safety Policy consists of the following:

- This Health and Safety Policy document will be available publicly on the website, supplied to all existing CRSBI workers and to new recruits as part of their induction/training. All members of the CRSBI team will be required to sign to show that they have read and understood it

- Closely integrated with the Policy document is the Health and Safety Guidance Note to Fieldworkers, which will also be available publicly on the website, supplied to all existing CRSBI workers and to new recruits as part of their training/induction

- A PowerPoint or equivalent presentation on the Policy will be supplied to all personnel and shown when appropriate at training sessions

-All CRSBI workers will be written to annually and reminded of the Policy

- Appointment of a named individual within the project with responsibility for Health and Safety policy and for seeking advice in individual cases.

-Requiring that a formal and documented risk assessment needs to be completed for a piece of fieldwork if structures or buildings, or parts of them, have risks higher than low risk

- A clear and documented procedure with clear lines of responsibility. If an incident should occur: the Chair will appoint an individual to carry out an inquiry in the circumstances and reasons the lessons learned and future actions to be taken. These results will be submitted to the Project Board.

Important downloads:

H & S Policy

H & S Guidance

Risk Template

If you have any questions about this policy or any aspects of working as a fieldworker for CRSBI, please use our main contact page and we will endeavour to reply very promptly.