Chancel arch S bases

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 1. Arches: a. Chancel arch/Apse arches: Chancel arch" at East Haddon.

by Ron Baxter.

The arch itself is pointed and 14thc. with two chamfered orders to the west. The responds are 12thc., of two orders to the Wand a single plain order to E.

First order (shared): The embrasure has coursed nook shafts towards the W with attic bases. The N capital has a palmette with fluted lobes on the main angle and half-palmettes on the side angles, with a chamfered necking and plain chamfered impost. The S capital has flat leaves with scallop-shell leaf terminals at each angle, a chamfered necking and plain chamfered impost.

Second order (W); En-delit nook-shafts on attic bases. Both capitals are plain flat-leaf with roll neckings and imposts as the first order.