Font from NE

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at East Haddon.

by Ron Baxter.

In the S aisle W of the S doorway. It has a cylindrical bowl, slightly tapered, of oolitic limestone standing on a later shaft and a modern step. The bowl is lead lined and decorated with figures, foliage and arcading in low relief. Around the lower part is an arcade of round-headed intersecting arches; the shafts very short and without bases or capitals. Above this a narrow fillet chamfered at top and bottom, and above this, occupying most of the bowl, a figural scene. Towards the N is a man standing frontally in a short tunic. In either hand he holds the neck of a large dragon, just below the head. These two dragons are confronted symmetrically. They have long, curved, swanlike necks, folded wings, and clawed feet. Their long curved tails bifurcate where they join the body; the lower branch curving down in a short loop ending in a bud, while the upper branches of each dragon's tail transform into a wavelike running scroll of foliage with short side-shoots terminating in buds or furled leaves, which occupies the remainder of the upper level of decoration except for a band around the upper rim. Here is a band of paired leaves with scalloped edges and central spines, like oak leaves, on short stems, which do not appear to grow from the scrollwork below.


ext. diam. at rim 0.69 m
h. of bowl 0.43 m
int. diam. at rim 0.52 m
overall h. of font (not step) 0.94 m