Chancel, S doorway, head of doorway

Image of the feature "Doorways: Chancel S doorway" at Cantley.

by Rita Wood.

Entrance square-headed, with irregular-shaped lintel on plain flush jambs which have a narrow chamfer. Irregular coarse tooling can be seen on the chamfer in the lintel, but not on the jambs, though this may be due to differential weathering.

The lintel is up-curved over the opening; the soffit has fairly wide tooling running at right angles to the face of the wall, while the edge the soffit makes with the face of the lintel appears rather sharp to be original. The lintel is carved with a sunken field centred over the door opening. The semi-circular arched chamfer defining the upper edge of this area is not quite continuous with the narrow chamfer in the jambs. No sign of carved imagery on the face of the lintel.



Max. h. of opening from step into upper curve of lintel 1.865m; height up jamb 1.79m
The lintel is (max.) 0.43m high and 0.97m wide
Thickness of lintel 0.185m
Thickness of wall at the jamb 0.94m
w. of opening 0.77m