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Small ruined church, with walls remaining to a height of approximately 1 m. The internal measurements are approximately 12 m x 6.5 m.


Founded by St Sciath c.550 as a nunnery. The present church was built in the early 12thc. and dedicated to St Michael. The church is mentioned in the Papal Taxation of 1302. In 1591 it was already described as a ‘locus desertus’ (JCHAS, 1892).


Exterior Features


W doorway, nave

Round-headed, with inner order of upper N jamb and arch missing. The arch is crudely repaired and only two original voussoirs remain on the S side.

Plain, square moulding, with a raised square frame on the S jamb, forming a wider projection on the bottom stone.

h. of opening (original h. probably c. 2.03 m) 2.22 m
w. of opening 0.93 m


S window, nave

Set on S wall of nave, no longer in original position. Arcuated lintel, with two chamfered recessed mouldings on the exterior. (No remains of jambs or sill).

Arch stone
d. 0.26 m
h. 0.39 m
w. 0.47 m
Interior of arch
h. 0.08 m
w. 0.12 m


The doorway and window probably date from the early 12thc. O’Keeffe (1998, 121) links the stepped base of the architrave to the pediment at nearby Ballyhay, suggesting a strong conceptual link between the two monuments. He also relates the design to other examples of simple, round-arched doorways in north Cork at Killeenemer and Britway.


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Site Location
National Grid Reference
R 57 20 
now: Cork
medieval: St Sciath
Type of building/monument
Ruined church  
Report authors
Tessa Garton