Chancel, NE vault, shaft.

Image of the feature "Chancel: NE and SE angles" at Cambridge.

by Ron Baxter.

At the NE and SE angles of the chancel are cylindrical shafts on roll-hollow bases and square plinths set obliquely in the corners. The NE shaft is taller and has a damaged capital with three sheathed scallops on the main (SW) face and two on the NW and SE faces. The three shields on the main face are decorated with sexfoil flowers with fluted petals. The necking is a roll.


NE shaft:
h. of capital and necking 0.21 m
overall h. including plinth and capital 1.34 m
w. of capital (NW to SE) 0.37 m
w. of capital (SW to NE) 0.19 m