Font , original fragment on W

Image of the feature "Fonts: Font" at East Dean.

by Kathryn Morrison.

W end nave. Substantially modern cylindrical or tub font, modelled on incorporated 12thc. fragment, in present location facing W. The bowl is carved with three horizontal bands of decoration. The broad central band is carved with interlacing circles and semi-circles, which, while not compass-drawn, are remarkably accurate: the full circles are alternately ribbed, plain and drilled; the semi-circles are all ribbed. The top and bottom borders are narrower than the central band. The top border is carved with large spheres between two bands of nebule moulding and the lower border with a three-strand plait.


circum. of bowl 1.825 m.
h. of bowl 0.39 m.
max. w. of original fragment 0.28 m.