Chancel arch, from W.

Image of the feature "IV. Interior Features: 1. Arches: a. Chancel arch/Apse arches: Chancel arch" at Eastbourne.

by Kathryn Morrison.

The tall, and somewhat squat, chancel arch has one order on the E and two on the W side. The soffit of the inner order arch is carved with a group of three rolls, the larger central roll displaying a broad fillet. The E face of this order is carved with hyphenated chevron, with the undercut tips of the triangular units touching a keeled angle roll. The W face is carved with lateral chevron, again with the tips of the triangles touching a keeled angle roll. This order is carried by polygonal responds with foliage capitals. The outer order on the W is carved with cusping, or lobes, each unit again deeply undercut and touching a keeled angle roll. This is carried by en delit columns with foliage capitals.