W doorway, L side, bases.

Image of the feature "Doorways: W doorway, nave" at Cambridge.

by Ron Baxter.

Round-headed, four orders. Entirely of Salvin's restoration. Water damage has eroded the stone of the outer order and label on the L.

First order: continuous with a fat roll of frontal chevron on the edge with quirks on face and soffit.

Second order: en-delit nook shafts on double scallop bases with hollow neckings. Capitals are sheathed double scallops with square neckings and hollow chamfered imposts with decorated faces - intersecting arches on the L, and saltires on the R. In the arch is a fat angle roll.

Third order: as second order except for the arch, which has point-to-point chevron; a roll and quirked hollow on the face, and a roll on the soffit. On the arris between the points are lozenges.

Fourth order. jambs as second and third orders except that the double scallop bases have wedges between the scallops, base neckings are rolls, capitals are double scallop with a cylinder between the scallops and roll neckings. In the arch is a row of fret between an angle roll and a face roll. There is a plain chamfered label.


h. of opening 2.86 m
w. of opening 1.39 m