Interior, nave, pier 1, capital.

Image of the feature "Nave: Circular arcade" at Cambridge.

by Ron Baxter.

Circular with round columns of coursed ashlar, renewed bases, capitals as described below with plain neckings and chamfered imposts. Piers are numbered clockwise from 1–8 starting from the easternmost S pier and ending with the easternmost N pier. Bays are numbered from (i) to (viii) clockwise, starting at the easternmost bay.

In the arches are three stepped orders, the innermost with a half-roll on the soffit, all except bay (v), opposite the W doorway. This has single-roll centrifugal chevron on the E and W faces, interlocking with a double row of point-to-point chevron on the soffit. This soffit chevron encloses lozenges in a band running along the centre of the soffit.