Font, bowl from W.

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at Gamlingay.

by Ron Baxter.

At the W end of the nave, an octagonal bowl on one big central column surrounded by eight modern cylindrical Purbeck shafts without capitals or bases. This stands on a thin octagonal chamfered plinth, which might be original, and below this is another octagonal plinth, which is not. The whole ensemble stands on two later steps. The bowl is slightly tapered with two bays of arcade per face in low relief. Arches are pointed and not articulated with capitals or bases. The interior of the bowl is circular and lead lined. Pevsner describes the bowl as limestone, but it may be Purbeck. It is badly eroded and has remains of ochre paint on it.


ext. diam. of bowl (A/F) 0.80 m
h. of bowl 0.31 m
h. of bowl + shafts 0.605 m
h. of bowl + shafts + both plinths 0.93 m
h. of bowl + shafts + upper plinth 0.66 m
int. diam. of bowl 0.58 m