Unfinished cross in churchyard - W face

Image of the feature "Loose Sculpture: Unfinished Cross" at Aghowle.

by Tessa Garton.

Near NW corner of church. Granite. Circular cross head with short projecting arms. The surfaces are well finished but undecorated. The top arm has a projection on its top surface. The narrow faces have three vertical ridges. The W face of the shaft has a slightly recessed central panel. The base is in the form of a low truncated pyramid. A large stone basin is set at the foot of the cross on the E side.


d. 0.28 m
d. of base 0.85 m
h. 2.75 m
h. of base 0.48 m
h. of head 1.24 m
h. of shaft 1.49 m
w. 1.53 m
w. of base 1.02 m