S nave arcade, W respond, capital

Image of the feature "Nave: S arcade" at Icklesham.

by Kathryn Morrison.

E respond: The semi-circular E respond capital is carved with a continuous row of spade-shaped leaves enclosing smaller almond-shaped leaves and connected by loops at the bases of their stems. The triangular spaces between the tips of the leaves are filled by concave leaves with rounded tips.

Pier 1: The pier capital is carved with a row of triangles surmounted by two overlapping tiers of slightly concave leaves with round tips. The triangles and the lower tier of leaves have incisions along their edges.

Pier 2: The capital of pier 2 is carved with three superimposed tiers of fluted leaves. The leaves of the upper two tiers overlap, creating a row of hollow triangular cells and wedge shapes.

W respond: The W respond capital is carved with a row of approximately lozenge-shaped compartments which can be read as the superposition of two meanders or as the meeting of a lower band of zigzag with an upper band of salient cusping.