N nave arcade, pier 1, capital

Image of the feature "Nave: N arcade" at Icklesham.

by Kathryn Morrison.

E respond: The E respond capital is carved with a row of schematized trees (round, palmette or spade-shaped forms on stems) in fluted, round-headed compartments. It includes modern insertions.

Pier 1: The capital of pier 1 is carved with a worn row of salient triangles surmounted by a single row of fluted leaves. Some of the triangles retain traces of incisions along their edges.

Pier 2: Pier 2 is a round multi-scallop capital with a palmette on each shield and a V-shaped sheath on each cone.

W respond: The W respond capital is a semi-circular multi-scallop capital with a V-shaped sheath on each cone.