New vestry doorway, R side, arch.

Image of the feature "Doorways: Vestry doorway from cloister E walk into S transept (now a vestry)" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Round-headed, one order, blocked. The S jamb and S part of the archivolt, extending just beyond the apex, are all that remain. In the jamb is an en-delit nook shaft, carved with a spiral design of scrolling foliage between beaded bands. The foliage stems are reeded with occasional triple-reeded clasps, and the leaves reeded or fluted, sometimes furled, sometimes with spiral tips. There are trefoil flowers too, the petals issuing from a small boss. At the top and bottom of the shaft is a trilobed leaf motif from which the stem appears to issue. The base is too worn to resolve. The capital is block-shaped and deeply carved with foliage. At the lower angle is a trilobed leaf, with an angle leaf and two grooved stems issuing from it. The stems each curve across the adjacent face, bifurcating before the reach the edge of it. From the fork, the upper stem has a complex spiral terminal and the lower simply loops into the necking. Cutting diagonally across each face from the upper angle is another grooved stem. Finally, the lower loops on each face enclose a trefoil flower with central boss.

The necking has a row of directional chevron on a roll. The impost is pulvinated and deeply carved on its inner (N) face, but unfortunately cut back on its W face. The E face design is a trefoil flower on a curved stem; the outer petals of the flower furled, the central one beaded, and the central boss drilled, while the stem is decorated with reeded bands.

The arch has an angle roll with spiral decoration of the same type as the nook shaft. At its apex is a female head with beaded collar and long curly hair falling to L and R. She has almond-shaped eyes with projecting lids and brows, the latter joined to the straight nose. The mouth is small with full lips and a pronounced philtrum.


h. of opening 2.84 m
original w of opening (estimated) 1.94 m