S transept facade, 2nd storey, C bay windows.

Image of the feature "Windows: S transept, S facade, S gallery (two windows)" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, two orders. The first is plain and continuous. The second has a slightly lower blind arch to either side, with en-delit shafts supporting both the main and flanking arches. There are thus four capitals, all cushions with plain neckings and hollow chamfered imposts with a groove at the bottom of the face. The three arches have angle rolls and face hollows. There is no label. Inside the windows have four orders, first plain and continuous, second and fourth with nook shafts, cushion capitals with roll neckings and hollow chamfered imposts, and an angle roll and face hollow in the arch. The third has plain jambs and arch with a hollow chamfered impost between.