SW transept, W face, Gallery S window

Image of the feature "Windows: SW transept, W gallery (two windows)" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, four orders. The first order is plain, continuous and stepped. The second has en-delit nook shafts and capitals with roll neckings and roll imposts as follows:

N window, N capital: cushion with angle wedges.

N window, S capital: double scallop.

S window, N capital: cushion with angle tuck and doubled shield.

S window, S capital: multi-scallop.

The arch has a quirked angle roll. The third order is continuous with arch and jambs decorated with point-to-point chevron with lozenges on the angle. The fourth order has en-delit nook shafts and cushion capitals with fluted shields, roll neckings and roll imposts. The arch is decorated with chevron. In the N window there are two stepped rolls of lateral chevron on the face with a cogwheel edge. The S springer of this window is a rogue, however, consisting of a lateral roll and a frontal edge roll separated by a wedge. In the S window there is a higher proportion of these rogues, forming no discernable pattern of alternation. The label is continuous, running down the sides of the window to plinth level. Over the arch it is chamfered with single billet on the chamfer. In the jambs it becomes an element in a triple row of billet between the window and the neighbouring blind arcading. The interior has two orders, the first plain and continuous, the second with nook shafts, cushion capitals and, in the arch, and angle roll and face hollow.