S transept facade, E turret, SE, E and NE faces, corbels.

Image of the feature "Corbel tables, corbels: S transept, E turret, upper level" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Corbel table of segmental billet cusping, two bays per face of the octagonal turret. There is thus a corbel at each angle and one in the centre of each face, 16 in all, numbered clockwise from the centre of the E face:

1. Human head with open mouth.

2. Human head with hands to mouth.

3. Human head.

4. Human head with grotesquely large (fish) mouth.

5. Human head.

6. Human head with grotesquely large (fish) mouth.

7. Doglike human head with tragic mouth.

8. Sad human head.

9. Human head with pointed nose and moustache.

10. Human head with moustache.

11. Human head with tragic mouth.

12. Human head with round mouth.

13. Ram's head with curly horns.

14. Grotesque head gripping object in mouth.

15. Cat head with large mouth showing tongue inside.

16. Bird's head with pointed beak.