N transept, E arcade, S respond, capital and S chapel, SW vault capital.

Image of the feature "Arcades: N transept, E arcade" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Three bays, round-headed. As in the S transept, the E arcade is of two plain orders towards the central vessel, one towards the chapels, and carried on alternating round and compound piers, but as noted in the General Description, piers 1 and 3 are compound and only pier 2 is circular. The N respond is also of compound form. The N chapel now acts as the vestibule to the Lady Chapel, and the bay has been blocked except for a small doorway. The N part of this bay is cut into by the arcade supporting the N platform, the N respond of the arcade is therefore only visible inside the Lady Chapel vestibule. The disposition of capitals is as already described for the S transept arcade. All capitals are of identical form: plain block capitals with keeled angle leaves terminating in volutes at the top. Unlike the S arcade, there is no foliage or animal carving.