N transept, W arcade to NW.

Image of the feature "Arcades: N transept, W arcade" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Three bays, round-headed. Like the E arcade, the W arcade is of two plain orders towards the central vessel, one towards the chapels, and carried on alternating round and compound piers, piers 1 and 3 compound and only pier 2 circular. The N respond postdates the 1699 collapse. The transverse arches and diagonal groins of the W aisle vault also spring from the arcade piers. Where the piers are compound, nook shafts are added for the diagonal groins, and responds with half columns for the transverse arches. On the circular pier, the diagonal groin capitals share the circular pier with the main arcade capitals, and a respond and half column is added to the back of it for the transverse arch. Details of the vaulting capitals are given in section 4.b. (iv) below. All capitals are plain cushions, the larger ones with slightly keeled angles. Imposts are hollow chamfered with a roll at the junction of face and chamfer. Neckings are squared off rather than rolls. The capitals of bay 3 are replacements.