Nave, S arcade, pier 10, bases.

Image of the feature "Nave: S arcade" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Round headed, 12 bays. Piers and bays are numbered stating from the crossing. Odd-numbered piers are circular, and even-numbered piers compound. Changes in the design of the vault responds at pier 3, and the treatment of arch orders at bay 5 have been described in the General Description. Capitals are all of cushion type with square neckings, and hollow chamfered imposts with a roll between face and chamfer. Bases have a hollow chamfer above a roll. The capitals are all similar but not identical. Those on the odd-numbered piers tend to lack a well-defined shield, and to have keels at the angles; those on the even piers tend to the conventional cushion type with well-defined shields and some are keeled and others not. This is a tendency rather than a strict system.