SW transept E wall gallery, S bay, S capitals

Image of the feature "Triforium: SW transept E gallery" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

Of two unequal bays, the N narrower leading to stilting of the first order arches. The bay N terminates the S nave gallery and the S forms the gallery storey of the E chapel. Despite their different widths and functions the two bays are similarly treated. The N bay is heavily restored and partly rebuilt; the S is largely original. Round headed with double openings. There are three orders, the first carried by a central shaft and half columns, the second and third carrying enclosing arches on half-column nook shafts. The capitals are described below, but all imposts are hollow chamfered with an angle roll between face and chamfer, and neckings are square chamfered.

N bay, first order:The N capital is multiscalloped with wedges between the scallops and defined shields. The central shaft capital is a modern copy of its fellow in the S bay (qv). The S capital is a cushion with fluting on the bell. At its NW angle is a fernlike leaf. Arches are stilted with a soffit roll and angle roll outside it.

N bay, second order: cushion capitals, which look modern. In the arch a keeled angle roll with face and soffit hollows. Third order. The N jamb is rebuilt. The S has a cushion capital. The arch has an angle roll with face and soffit hollows. S bay, generally as N. The first order N cushion capital has a palmette at the SW angle. The C capital is a multi-waterleaf design with rows of beading along the leaf spines and single pellets inn the notches. Otherwise all capitals are simple cushions with keeled angles.