N transept, W arcade, pier 1, capital and vault respond, capital.

Image of the feature "Transept: N transept, W aisle (three bays)" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

A brief description is given in section 2.b. (iv) above. The aisle vault is divided into three quadripartite groin-vaulted bays by plain, square-section transverse ribs. To the E, the transverse ribs are carried on half columns and capitals on dosserets against the arcade piers, while the diagonal groins have their own capitals, either sharing the arcade pier (pier 2) or on nook shafts (piers 1 and 3). On the W aisle wall the transverse ribs are again carried on half columns and single capitals on dosserets, onto which the diagonal groins also fall. All capitals are cushions, sometimes keeled. Imposts are hollow chamfered with a roll at the junction of face and chamfer. Neckings are squared off rather than rolls. There has been a good deal of restoration at the N end of the aisle following the collapse of 1699.