S transept, W wall, screen, bay 1, chevron string course.

Image of the feature "String courses: Lateral chevron" at Ely.

by Ron Baxter.

A single roll profile lateral chevron. S transept, W wall screen. Nave S aisle S wall, bays 1–12. Above the blind arcade (or above the doorways in bays 1 and 8). The string course is missing from bays 2, 3 and 4. From bay 9 the chevron units become longer. Nave N aisle N wall. Above the blind arcade in bay 1 only. The rest has been removed although traces remain in bay 6. It seems likely that the removal was connected with the replacement of the aisle windows on this side, although the new sills are above the level of the string course. SW transept, E chapel, top of first storey. SW transept, S wall, top of first storey. SW transept, W wall, top of first storey.