St Peter, Ferns

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A nave and chancel church (9.6m x 7.15m, 6.1m x 5.3m) probably built after 1537. It has a reused Romanesque window in the S wall of the chancel and two Gothic lancets in the E wall.


The church is not mentioned in the list of major buildings in Ferns in 1537.


Exterior Features


S window, chancel

w. of splay at base 0.87 m

A pointed lancet, probably Gothic and later than the interior.


A round-headed, tall, splayed opening with arch and jambs in green stone, evidently re-set. No capitals

The jambs have angle roll with horizontal rows of chevron. The first, second and fifth stones from bottom on the E jamb and the first, second, fourth and eighth stones from bottom on the W jamb are badly weathered and the decoration is almost obliterated.

The imposts have a row of bosses on the chamfer below the abacus.

The arch has angle roll with rows of chevron as on the jambs. The second voussoir from the E is worn and the keystone has slipped down slightly.


The decoration on the interior of the S window is very similar to that of the jambs of the W doorway at Clone, and the window was probably taken from the church at Clone (Leask, 1955, 163). The Gothic exterior of the S window and the E windows were probably taken from the cathedral at Ferns.


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Site Location
National Grid Reference
T 01 50 
now: Wexford
now: St Peter
medieval: not confirmed
Type of building/monument
Ruined church  
Report authors
Tessa Garton