Font, detail of frontal face

Image of the feature "Fonts: " at Fethard-on-Sea.

by Tessa Garton.

Supported by a square base with chamfered edge, the font bowl takes the form of a triple scallop capital. The bowl is decorated on one face with a shield of three scallops containing a foliage design framed by a row of geometric ornament comprising alternating triangles forming zigzags. The shield area contains a spray of foliage with an upright serrated leaf and two flowers in the centre, flanked by longer curling strands and S-shaped beaded stems which extend into the outer scallops and terminate in single leaves. The other three faces are plain. The stem of the font is round and slightly conical. Of sandstone (?).


d. of bowl 069 m
h. of bowl 0.64 m
h. of bowl 0.23 m
w. of bowl 0.70 m