Doorway, L side, jamb.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Reset pilasters" at Clonfert.

by Tessa Garton.

Two pilasters reset inside the door, may have formed part of the original chancel arch.

N side: six and a half blocks of stone carved on the face with two rolls of lateral chevron separated by rows of pellets, with large, six petalled flowers in the spandrels. There is a broad arris roll flanked on either side by a fillet. At the base of the arris roll the fillets spiral outwards. The reveal is more or less obscured, but the tops of three rolls of lateral chevron are just visible.

S side: decorated as N side


N pilaster section
h. 1.47 m
w. 0.34 m
S pilaster section
h. 1.55 m
w. 0.31 m