Exterior, nave, N wall, re-set slab.

Image of the feature "Miscellaneous: Two reset fragments below guttering of N aisle." at Calverley.

by John McElheran.

Both fragmentary slabs have an equal-armed cross on the upper part. One cross is plain and in a ring; the other cross is decorated with centripetal Vs and has a small dome in each quadrant. (See Ryder 1991, 17, nos. 2, 3). The slab with the plain cross is thought to be 11thc. or 12thc. (Ryder no. 2); the slab with the cross and domes in the quadrants is probably early to mid-12thc. (Ryder no. 3).

The dimensions of the slabs have been converted from measurements in inches given in the church's leaflet.


The slab with domes between the arms 0.355 x 0.508m
The slab with the plain cross 0.305m x 0.46m