Grave slabs fixed to the W wall of the tower

Image of the feature "VI. Loose Sculpture: Fragments of grave slabs found during the 19th-century restoration" at Calverley.

by Rita Wood.

Most of the pieces of carved stone found during the 19thc. rebuilding and associated excavations were not visible during our visit in 1998, as they were normally kept in the tower or were concealed under the scenery of the Easter garden. They featured in a leaflet then available in the church, with illustrations from an untraced source, and in Stapleton (1913, illus. opposite p. 74). 

Ryder (1991, 17-18) describes and illustrates to scale those of the found pieces which could have been part of grave slabs; the majority would be relevant to this Corpus. In 2015, four full-length grave-slabs and two fragmentary ones were fixed with metal brackets to the W wall of the tower. They seem to be Ryder nos. 5 to 10; no. 4 was not seen.

For reset pieces outside (Ryder nos. 2, 3), see III.3.