South crossing arch, general view from nave

Image of the feature "Tower/Transept arches: South transept arch" at Campsall.

by George Gregory.

The pointed arch is of two orders to nave and transept.

The east side base and capitals are not original.

West base and plinth restored or later. There is a half round column and the usual double width capital to the first order. This capital is divided by a zigzagging beaded line into five triangular areas each filled with narrow upright leaves, fluted and with rounded tips. Impost is chamfered with a slight hollow; there are two grooves on the upright and a slightly rounded moulding between. In the arch, as for first order in the chancel arch, there is an angle roll with a plain soffit and plain outside the rolls against the second orders on each side.

Second order to the nave has a very upright capital with upright leaves. The lowest leaves are short and in two rows. Then again a triangular division of the surface – but no beading - filled with more upright leaves. Impost as chancel arch. In the arch, in the face, are two rows of centripetal chevron, the outer row slimmer than the inner. On the angle, the heavier row meets point-to-point in the centre of the voussoir a row of chevron in the soffit. Between the two rows, there is a row of projecting lozenges.

Second order to the transept: the ring to the capital is lightly scored with cable. The capital itself has a row of short upright leaves, the double scallop capital has stumpy batons between the scallops. The shields are hollowed out ‘mushroom-like’. Plain above. Impost plan and chamfered. The arch to the transept has an angle roll. Flush to wall.


Approximate width of capital to order 1 0.4m
Height above the floor of ring on west pier 3.1m